Sausages-A-Go-Go. Our New Oven Opens with a Fanfare!

Powder coated section of greenhouse about to enter our new oven

Amazingly it was in 2004 when Jay and Kenny, two guys from our manufacturing team started talking about and along with others, investigated the practicalities of installing a new oven here in the factory at Torberry.

As the saying goes, “there are no short cuts to any place worth going to”, eight years later we have our new all singing, all dancing larger oven. If you’ve been keeping up with these blogs you’ll realise that the new oven prompted a factory move which was a study in time and motion.

To celebrate the fact that we have now had successful runs through the oven of our powder coated extrusions, Dave Miles, the factory manager invited the whole site-present Alitex team, to join in the grand opening. Fortunately he had the prescience to arrange hot dogs for everyone, the sausages having been roasted in the new oven, and they were delicious! A rather natty cooking tray was devised from the hooks we run off the hangar – I’m sure Neff or Bosch will be on the ‘phone to Dave imminently! Elaine our Customer Liaison (who many of you will have come across) and Jay and Kenny helped Dave cut the ribbon, to officially and ceremonially open the oven.

Normal business resumes in the oven from now, with a full spray programme extending into the future, so no more sausages on the horizon, which is a bit of a shame as they were very good indeed!

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