RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Thrive Update

Thrive's garden in Battersea Park, London with large bespoke freestanding Alitex greenhouse

In case you haven’t heard, here at Torberry Farm we are planning an edible feast at this year's show; not only is the Messenger greenhouse reserved for growing our own selection of vegetables, our friends at Thrive are giving us a helping hand and contributing with their own produce. We caught up with Thrive to see how their crop is coming along.

Along with the classics such as; carrots, potatoes, onions and herbs Steve, horticultural therapist at Thrive, told us that he is excited by the growth of a slightly different vegetable not known by many in the UK, “We’ve got some German Kohlrabi growing at the moment and it’s coming along nicely.” Kohlrabi is a from the cabbage family and can be eaten raw or cooked. We look forward to having a taste!

Three larger pots containing runner beans were standing tall and the plants had been tied up about a foot high, a promising sight. Fennel bulbs were already showing on the florence fennel plant and the courgettes were showing signs of a healthy start, well on their way to needing a slightly larger home. Steve also mentioned that the gardeners had planted marigolds, which were also growing well; these produce orange flowers with a peppery taste similar to watercress.

A whole corner of their large Alitex greenhouse is reserved for the Chelsea stock and it's full of life. The competition between our crop at Alitex HQ and Thrive’s is possibly too close to call at the moment; both are flourishing and showing positive signs that they will provide an exciting and well stocked kitchen garden. This last month is likely to be a little tense and Nelly, Alitex Brand and Shows Manager, will be keeping a very watchful eye on our Messenger greenhouse; we can’t wait to share the experience with you in 39 days time!

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