RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 update

Our crop for kitchen garden stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Here at HQ, there is an anxious yet exciting buzz among the events team and an ominous glow coming from our Messenger greenhouse – It can only mean one thing, RHS Chelsea Flower Show plans are well and truly underway!

This year we are featuring a large kitchen garden on our stand and as mature vegetables are hard to get at that time of year we need to mess with the seasons a little. The faint neon glow that can be seen from the Messenger is caused by high pressure sodium lamps that mimic the warmer seasons.

The lamps are an energy efficient way to give the plants the light spectrum that they would receive from the sun, so the seedlings are currently enjoying mid summer daylight levels - Oh to be a seedling!

Our RHS Chelsea crop in our Messenger Greenhouse

Amongst other 'Alitex grown' delights, a few of the things we will be growing are:

  • Cucumber - Passandra
  • Onion - Arthur
  • Pea - Shiraz
  • Leek - Zermatt
  • Cabbage - Red Ruth
  • Hot Pepper - Apache

Uncle Jim has made a fantastic start in our quest to grow our own veg plants and we all have our fingers crossed for a bumper crop!

For more information on RHS Chelsea Flower Show and our previous involvement, take a look here.

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