RHS Chelsea. First week on site update

Alitex at Chelsea

Is that a bit of blue sky on the horizon? The team have worked through downpours and drizzle, Irish "soft", rain and some very hard rain - the only difference in weather is a smidge of blue sky just about visible today.

Have you heard the expression "If there is enough blue sky to patch a dutchman's trousers by lunchtime it will be fine"..? I know, it's just being hopeful! From a very muddy Day 1, you can see quite how far we've come in one week.

Day by day you can see our stand evolve by clicking onto our Alitex at Chelsea photo stream below. It makes you appreciate what can be done in a short space of time, but also very thankful that we have the best teams working on our projects. We have to thank the Deacon brothers who are our excellent builders and of course our very own Hewitt brothers - especially Paul, who is known to most people who have ever known Alitex in the past thirty years. Thank goodness for quality.

Keep up the good work team, the next stage of the build is starting to take shape and we have our gardeners shaping the range of plants they will use waiting on the sidelines. So exciting (plus a bit trembly!)

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