Propagation tips from an expert

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Several weeks ago there was a flurry of excitement and activity as John Wood, Head Gardener at the National Trust's Hinton Ampner, arrived to film the first of a series of short how-to videos for the Country Life website Gardens section. 

The series is being sponsored by Alitex and in the first video, filmed in our allotment and traditional lean-to greenhouse at Torberry Farm, John demonstrates how to take simple plant cuttings.

He gently guides us through how to take stem cuttings in preparation for plant propagation and makes it seem very easy and much less of a “dark-art”. Get it right and you’re guaranteed next year’s stock which seems incentive enough to give it a go! John and the cuttings were obviously the stars of the show but our greenhouse, Hewitt Potting Shoe and Professional Propagator were well-received in their supporting roles!

With John’s tips firmly in mind (choose shoots without flowers, trim leaves, nice growing tip, disposable scalpels, put cutting next to edge of pot) I’m going to start on my geraniums which have been glorious this year having survived outside through the last mild winter. They are my favourite patio pot flower and if I can fill all my pots for free next year... all the credit will go to John!

To see the video click here

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