Our new recruit to projects - Brenda Walk

Brenda Walk - Project Manager

From responsibility for the quality of impact detonators on anti-tank missiles for NATO, Brenda Walk is our new recruit to projects at Alitex. After nearly three months here at Torberry, Brenda is tasked with the responsibility of managing National Trust, bespoke and large scale greenhouse projects. She will be travelling the UK to survey sites, liaise with construction engineers, head gardeners and clients, ensuring that Alitex’s quality reputation is fulfilled.

Brenda has also been able to help with planning applications, a very important part of the process for many projects.

American born and bred, from the east coast, Brenda’s professional life has certainly provided a wealth of experience from which to plunder. Working on US military projects as a quality engineer, the kind of things she worked on included cabling systems and the landing signs for aircraft carriers which help the pilot land the plane. Work for Johnson and Johnson involved setting up and maintaining quality systems for medical transducers or neo-natal heart monitors as they are perhaps better known.

Following a change in Brenda’s career path, she trained as a landscape architect in the US, designing landscapes in the US, Canada and the UK. A memorable project included designing and maintaining landscapes on The 1000 Islands, an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada-US border in the Saint Lawrence River. Each island has one house/estate, and Brenda got the “Gardener’s Boat”, to a number of the islands. One of the challenges was to create an annual display which could be seen as boats approached the island. Brenda comments “One of the differences in the US compared to the UK is how clients approach employing a landscape designer. In the US there is much more of a turnkey solution from the garden nurseries – everything can be sorted out under one roof.”

Just in case you find yourself in the Antarctic, pondering where Walk Glacier http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walk_Glacier might have got its name from – it’s Brenda’s uncle.

We are certainly pleased to have the benefit of both the left and the right side of Brenda’s brain, working in tandem on the kinds of Alitex greenhouse projects that require pulling knowledge from all over her hippocampus.

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