Our factory gains a new machine

The Emmegi Satellite Axis machining centre

There has been lots of exciting change recently at Alitex, not only have we been expanding our team, we are investing in to the business as we continue to grow. Our latest news comes from the factory, where Production Manager Dave and his team have been trying out an incredible new machine – nicknamed Doris.

The Emmegi Satellite Axis machining centre is one of only 3 in the UK (and 98 in the world!) and was transported over from Italy a few weeks ago, to our home on Torberry Farm. Why the need for a new machine? With our production levels increasing year on year, there is a higher demand for bespoke greenhouses, this has lead to us looking at new machinery that will allow our factory team to work at full capacity.

Enter Doris; the £350k investment, that is designed for drilling, threading and cutting large pieces of aluminium, has the power to reduce machining times by up to 30% and undertakes machining operations including heavy duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy.

It took the team a day of careful manoeuvring and precision crane driving to get the machine off of the lorry and safely into the factory.

This week the team have been trialling out our Thomas Messenger product as well as the National Trust range. “We have been testing out the machines true capabilities” Dave commented, “the machine is performing well and we’re all excited to see the improvements on production.”

After watching some of the tasks carried out on Doris, Dave said, “that cut you just saw that took 5 minutes, would have previously take our old machine 30!” It’s great to see that already, we are seeing results. Keep an eye on The Green Room for updates on what the new machine has been up to.

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