Let the Sunshine in...

Alitex Conservatory

Just a cursory glance online brings up all kinds of positive studies, medical and anecdotal, about the benefits of light for mankind, animals and horticulture.

We thrive better on natural light; it is nutritionally good for us, helping our bodies produce Vitamin C and also Vitamin D. The more our bodies have of these vitamins, particularly Vitamin D, the happier we are and the healthier we are.

So how can we get more of this free wonder drug?

Vitamin D is produced the moment sunlight touches your skin, therefore over relatively short periods of time when your skin is exposed to natural light your body will easily obtain enough of this wonder-vit to help build your bodies’ immune system. Even just 15-20 minutes of natural light each day is said to make a great deal of difference to your health.

There are practical reasons to introduce more light into your buildings – it saves on energy bills and is far more economically sustainable! Factories, schools and hospitals need light; it is said that productivity goes up, emotions are more positive and your brain is more receptive.

Maximising your exposure to daylight

Build a conservatory! Add a glazed structure to your building, it is not just an aesthetic ideal, there is a functional reason to creating a beautiful addition to your home. With an Alitex aluminium glazed structure light will flood into your building and bring a whole new dimension to your living/work space.

In the UK we have enough light to make this a real possibility, even in March we can expect 11-12 hours of daylight each day. Then there’s moonlight, the evenings become much more interesting when they are not smothered by artificial light. Capturing light, day (or moon) is the key and we need to be much more pro-active about it; wrapping ourselves and our families in traditional bricks and mortar (not literally!) is something we need to move away from.

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