Investment in Manufacturing at Alitex

Tour of our paint plant in our factory on an open day at Alitex

To reflect the windy storms sweeping the UK at the moment, the factory here is in a storm of activity right now and has been for a week or so. 

It's all hands on deck as the workforce finally move enormous and complex paint machines into larger spaces and the rest of the massive computerised machines seem to breathe out and fill the much needed space around them. The investment in the manufacturing system at Alitex is part of a larger project for 2012, scaling things up.

There are lots of smiley faces in the factory as they realise they have more room to work on greenhouse and conservatory projects, creating areas of trial installation and generally more room to handle the various projects coming through the Alitex manufacturing plant. It's a real boost and good news for the factory staff, ensuring that the very high standards which we come to accept as standard, are maintained and possibly improved upon. It never does to rest on ones' laurels and at Alitex, to a man, I honestly don't think anyone takes excellence for granted. I don't know anyone here who isn't questioning how they can improve upon their input into Alitex and the greenhouse and conservatories that are manufactured here. It's quite a wonderful January tonic, bringing with it optimism and energy.

To check out how the factory move went check out our video on YouTube.

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