Investing in the Design Office at Alitex

Design office drawings after new investment

Sumit is originally from India (Delhi) by way of London and employment with four different companies.

Joining Alitex nearly one month ago and having to up sticks, to the sticks, here on the South Downs, has been quite a large learning experience, but one which Sumit clearly relishes and enjoys.

In previous jobs Sumit has been used to a very short induction, however here at Alitex, Sumit is enjoying a rather different approach with “lots of support and patience”. He is also spending time with other members of the Alitex team which creates a much wider understanding of the company and the different roles within.

With Sumit’s technical ability it would be possible for him to work in many regions around the world which share a common technical language – Asia, Europe and the USA for example. Even Japan – who used to have a different approach, are embracing similar methods, bringing it into line with a “global technological language”. However with family in both the UK and India, Sumit is happy to be here.

Sumit is looking forward to employing what he knows already (Solidworks) to the bespoke greenhouses he will be designing but also the opportunity to develop his skills in load and stress calibration.

Sumit commented: “It’s OK to know your job and be confident in your ability to get it right. It’s also good to learn new things, but for me, the people make the job and from what I have experienced so far, I am delighted to be at Alitex.”

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