Happy New Year, exciting times ahead in 2012

Happy New Year, exciting times ahead in 2012 Bespoke Green House

Happy New Year from all the Alitex team! Hopefully you are now settled into the new year and have your mind wandering past the gale force winds and into the garden.

Potatoes are being chitted, seed catalogues are open and the first shoots of spring are just visible beneath the wind blown carnage. Surrounded as we are here at Torberry by young and old trees it's been a bit hairy, but fortunately we have the protection provided by the South Downs. 

New Alitex Website

At Alitex we have been very busy launching our new website, which we hope you will find useful and informative and you may even feel you have news to share with us. Our new and updated News & Events section will keep you posted with greenhouse and conservatory case studies which may be of interest to you, day to day life here at Alitex and the range of exciting lectures, workshops and open days we have planned for 2012.

Alitex Lecture Series: Jim Durrant, McBeans Orchids 31 Jan 2012

First up in our Alitex Lecture Series this year we welcome Jim Durrant, a highly respected head nursery man from award winning McBeans Orchids. He comes to Torberry on Tuesday 31st January at 10.30am, armed with a full working knowledge of orchids to answer all your questions, and a range of orchids for sale. I'm really looking forward to learning what Jim has to say - I've seen some wonderful orchids growing naturally around the world and I've never quite understood how they seem to attach themselves to trees in the tropics and then thrive; where is the nutrition coming from? The new night-time only orchid discovered in Borneo late in 2011 reminds us how diverse this plant is and how much we as human beings still have to learn about the world in which we live. Jim's lecture will certainly brighten my January and whet my appetite for Spring. if you would like to join us here at Torberry for Jim's lecture you will have to book - call us to reserve your seat.

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