Halloween Special: Carnivorous Plants

Venus flytrap

Thinking outside the box this Halloween, we've stepped away from carving the pumpkin (for now) and found the perfect centrepiece, the Venus flytrap, our guests won't be the only ones enjoying their dinner! It's the ideal spooky addition and an adept resident of our wonderful plant world. Once the hairs on the leaves are touched, the plant's elegant eyelashes turn into teeth, snapping shut and emitting a slight electrical current as it closes in on its victim.

"Beware, beware, little creatures on the wing, there is something in the air that you may end up within!"

A carnivorous plant preying on insects, spooky for Halloween but perfect pest control in the greenhouse!

Tip to grow: Venus flytraps (Dianaea Muscipula) can grow outside in frost-free climates or as houseplants in bright light.

Pitcher Plant
If you're loving the theme of the carnivorous plant, we also recommend Witches' Brew, also known as Pitcher Plants. The throats are long and elegant yet have deadly purpose of swallowing bugs. The Witches' Brew lures them in with the liquid on their top flaps, with so much nectar available "the bugs get so drunk, they fall right in!".

Tip to grow: Pitcher plants can grow outside, except in the coldest climates. Indoors, give them bright light.

Credit: www.sunset.com

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