Walled gardens

Walled gardens are a wonderful part of our gardening history. Over the years, our aluminium greenhouses have been involved in the creation of many new walled gardens and the restoration of older sites. 

Walled gardens help to protect plants from wind and frost by creating a sheltered microclimate, allowing plants to be grown that might otherwise struggle in colder temperatures. The walls are normally constructed from stone and lined with bricks, which absorb and retain solar heat to provide the raised temperatures needed to allow peaches, nectarines and grapes to thrive in our colder climate. 

The show-piece of a walled garden is often a single greenhouse, or if it is a larger plot, multiple greenhouses; that is where our experienced design team at Alitex come in. 

Walled garden restoration

The sympathetic replacement of timber Victorian greenhouses can bring new glory to some of the finest historical walled gardens around the world.

Based on Thomas Messenger, a pivotal greenhouse designer in Victorian England, our Thomas Messenger Greenhouse design has succeeded in replicating the look of timber and satisfying sensitive planning conditions. Crucially eliminating costly maintenance issues, our aluminium designs have replaced large lean-to greenhouses, Pit Houses and Cherry Houses in a variety of walled and public garden restoration projects.

We refer to drawings and pictures of the original Victorian structures in order to authentically replicate them. 

Some examples of our restoration work can be seen throughout the UK:

There is also an organisation called the Walled Kitchen Gardens Network dedicated to the restoration and preservation of this wonderful part of our gardening heritage. 

New build walled gardens

If you are starting with a new build greenhouse for your walled garden, your design options can be more flexible. However, you may find that the traditional principles of a bespoke greenhouse often forms the focal point in a wide variety of walled gardens. 

We recommend viewing local walled gardens and greenhouses as a source of inspiration before you start to finalise your project. Morecover, unless you have a great vision, hiring a garden designer can ensure that your final result lives up to your expectations. 

View our case studies of previous new build greenhouses for walled gardens throughout the UK.

For more ideas and inspiration on walled gardens old and new, have a look through our bespoke greenhouse gallery.

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