Greenhouse growing accessories

Alitex can provide a wide variety of fittings for your specific growing requirements.

Internal reservoir

Internal greenhouse reservoirs which collect rainwater run-off from the roof have many advantages: Rainwater is soft and chemical free. ideal for watering. The internal reservoir keeps the water warmer, which reduces the risk of thermal shock. Locating the reservoir under the bench protects the collected water from exposure to sunlight, thus helping to reduce algae build up. 

Our 80 gallon capacity reservoir can be discreetly sunk into the ground beneath the bench. It is supplied with a simple manual pump, which enables easy retraction of water, and an overflow pipe leading outside the glasshouse. The reservoir is positioned half in and half out of the ground. It is important to note that all apertures within the plinth wall for overflows and downpipes should be made at the time of the building works. You should also ensure that your builder properly seals the apertures to ensure your glasshouse is airtight.

Fruit supports and vine wires

Bespoke greenhouse fruit supports and vine wires offer structure and support to a range of fruit and vine varieties. Once informed of your growing needs and the areas where you want to train fruit, we will combine rigid supports with tensioned wires to train plants up to the roof space and, in a lean-to greenhouse, up and across the rear wall.

We aim to keep a space of approx 10 inches between the wires and the glazing to prevent the plants from making direct contact with the glass.

Heathlands cold frames

Our cold frames are designed to enhance the effectiveness of your glasshouse by providing an additional cold-protected environment. They create ideal conditions for hardening-off foliage propagated in the glasshouse. They can also be used for starting early salad crops and over-wintering delicate shrubs.

Constructed in robust aluminium sections the frames are powder coated for a long and trouble-free life. Ventilation is made easy by using two different length stainless steel props.

Typically the cold frames are a maximum of 0.9m wide but can be built to any length, although multiples of 1.2m lengths are recommended where there is no existing base. A ground plan showing all required dimensions and tolerances will be prepared by Alitex; this should be passed to your nominated builder for the preparation of the brickwork.

Cold frame vent slides


Vent slides allow warmer air from within the greenhouse to transfer into the cold frames. This warmer environment can be taken advantage of by starting early salad crops directly in the ‘hot’ frame. The sliding vents are operated simply by sliding them open or closed as required by means of the handle provided. The sliding vents are fitted to one side of the plinth wall only, typically the side within the cold frames.

Professional propagator

Our professional propagator is designed to provide the warm, moist, closed environment required by germinating seedlings and newly planted cuttings. The carefully designed frame is made of strong aluminium sections and powder coated in any colour of your choice for a long and maintenance-free life.

The heart of the unit is a thermostatically controlled foil element, operating within the range of 0°C to 40°C to allow movement of air throughout the frame, encouraging healthy growth. The large capacity propagator incorporates a transparent hinged cover for easy access. It is capable of holding 4 seed trays 368mm x 241mm (14.5" x 9.5"), making the propagator particularly suitable for the more dedicated gardener.

Hewitt potting shoe

A favourite of the professional gardener, this stoutly constructed potting shoe sits perfectly on the Alitex Traditional bench. It is designed to enable the fast and efficient filling of pots, allowing the compost to be kept in a manageable area. The size is 800mm wide by 700mm deep with a rear support 300mm high.

Freeze proof taps

Free proof taps
With ever colder winters, you may still be watering in your greenhouse and want your taps and irrigation to be reliable all year round. With a proven track record in severe winters in the US, this company specialises in frost and freeze proof taps. Visit Harrier Garden Developments to find out more.

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