Bespoke Greenhouse Design

We have a long history providing highly engineered beautiful greenhouses for a range of personal and professional horticultural clients.

Offering a complete project management service, our experienced and skilled design team work closely with you throughout the process to accommodate your growing and structural requirements.

Why choose a bespoke greenhouse?

To make a statement with your greenhouse, an unusual shape or feature is often required. We have experience in creating anything from pentagons, hexagons, raised central sections to feature lobbies.

Specific growing requirements can also determine the shape and design of a greenhouse. For specialist fruit growing, our clients tend to favour a Peach House which uses a steep roof pitch to create excellent air circulation and maximise direct sunlight to the rear wall.

Sensitive sites, where you may have a listed building, or work with English Heritage, will also require a bespoke greenhouse. To overcome some of these obstacles, we have developed a design inspired by Thomas Messenger. The greenhouse is crafted from the highest quality aluminium, recreating traditional timber detailing; covering nuts bolts and joint beading, making the greenhouse more attractive inside and out. The design can be used to replicate the original timber greenhouse or be used to create a new and enhance structure.

Your project

At Alitex, it is you, your garden and your plants that determine the design of your greenhouse. We always ensure that our classic Victorian greenhouse will complement your garden and fulfil your growing needs.

To achieve a complete understanding of your unique surrounding and specific requirements, it is essential for a member of our design team to visit you at home.

Once we have entire knowledge regarding your surroundings and design vision, we take your specifications to our design studio, where we will present you with a set of initial concept drawings. Our design team are sufficiently flexible in providing anything from a quiet refuge to a modern icon or a striking celebration of Victoriana.

Choosing your greenhouse colour

Our experts are here to work with you to make sure that your greenhouse colour is right for you. We have years of experience in understanding colour matches and how they can enhance the final product, whether you're starting from scratch or trying to colour match from your home or garden.

Our colour selection is vast, ranging from classic shades of white, through to muted greens and greys, and more diverse bold colours including blues, purples to silvers and black. You can choose any colour for your greenhouse including one from our National Trust colour range, a selection of exclusively inspired fauna and flora colours, derived from our country surroundings in Hampshire.

National Trust colour palette

"The use of arrangement of colour enables us to create beauty and harmony, and to express our own personal taste."

Intelligent design

We use the latest 3D computer-aided design software to construct your 'virtual' greenhouse prior to manufacture. This provides us with confidence in every project, which is especially important for overseas structures with varied climate conditions.

Our 3D design software assists us in the following:

  • Identifies any site problems prior to installation e.g. weather conditions and material standards
  • 3D visualisation aids design and checking
  • 3D models then link directly to the manufacturing process
  • Our engineers have access to computer-aided analysis tools
  • Each design can be fully optimised to minimise the frame sections and maximise the glass to allow more light

We work with you until the design is perfected and the ground plan is signed off. Once approved, the engineering team will develop production drawings so that your greenhouse can be manufactured at our on-site factory.

Engineering your greenhouse

All of our designs are tested prior to manufacturing to ensure a perfect final fit. Our CAD-CAM* software seamlessly transfers your design data to our CNC** machine which:

  • Enables minimal lead times and improved quality
  • Enhances accuracy and fit of each component
  • Improves consistency or manufacture
  • Minimises use of paper - more environmentally friendly

Alitex greenhouse being CNC machined
Once your greenhouse has been through the manufacturing process, it will be powder coated with your chosen paint colour, and then baked in our paint ovens to create a tough durable end result.

*Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture
**Computer Numerical Control

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