Case Studies

Over the years, our design team at Alitex have created some beautiful Victorian greenhouses. Below you will find a selection of case studies involving our National Trust Greenhouses and bespoke structures in a range of shapes and sizes. You can use the filters to look at greenhouses by size, colour and style.

Tropical National Trust Tatton Greenhouse | National Trust Case Studies

Tropical Tatton Greenhouse

Our client first heard of Alitex in 2015 when she decided to begin the process of searching for a greenhouse.

Colour: Bespoke Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Grey
Dimensions: Tatton 2.9m x 5.1m
Style: National Trust
Arundel Castle's New Glasshouse

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle is steeped in history, with impressive gardens set over 40 acres of land.

Colour: Hipca White (RAL 9910)
Dimensions: 3.8m x 18.9m
Style: Thomas Messenger 3/4 Span lean-to
Ballynahinch Castle Greenhouse

Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle grounds and estate have undergone major restoration work, all that was left was to reinstate the glasshouse, an integral feature within the grounds.

Colour: Wood Sage
Dimensions: 4.5m x 15.8m
Style: Free standing with hipped ends
Specialist Case Studies

The Pig in the Forest

The Pig in Hampshire describes itself not so much as a hotel but “a restaurant with rooms set in the heart of the New Forest. It’s all about the Kitchen Garden, everything is driven by the gardener, forager and chef.”

Colour: Sussex Emerald
Dimensions: 9.6m x 3.5m
Style: Free Standing, Traditional
Wimpole for Exploring and Experimenting

Wimpole for Exploring & Experimenting

Our clients discovered Alitex through their existing association with the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as seeing Alitex featured in a variety of magazines. 

Colour: Wood Sage (RAL 7032)
Dimensions: Wimpole
Style: National Trust
Tatton Greenhouse to provide Escapism

Tatton Greenhouse to provide escapism from the daily bustle

Our client came across Alitex whilst reading a home interest magazine. Her husband, a classic car collector, decided to sell one of his cars to present the greenhouse as a gift, as he knew how much she had longed for one.

Colour: Wood Sage (RAL 7032)
Dimensions: 2.9m x 5.1m
Style: Tatton from the National Trust Collection