Getting your Alitex Greenhouse Spring-Ready

Alitex Cleaning Service

Once the threat of the cold weather has passed it is time to begin creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy plants and their growth.

Aside from the obvious spring-cleaning things you can be getting on with, you may need to take a more robust repair and clean programme. To get the most from your Alitex Greenhouse you might consider our tried and tested full clean and care programme. Prices vary considerably and for your own tailor-made quote you should call Paul Hewitt on 01730 826900 who can give you an accurate quote and offer you 3 and 5 year cleaning plans.

So where to start?

Initially remove any dead or left over plants and have a good wipe around, take stock of repairs that need to be made and consider the convenience of useful hand tools, by getting them cleaned up and left in the right place! Your benching must be clean and free from last year's plants, so that any problems you experienced last year are not carried into this year's new plantings. Ensure all old pots have been removed and reduce clutter generally, in a bid to be free of the pests which are just waiting to munch through your seedlings! The atmospheric conditions in a greenhouse make it an ideal breeding place for pests and diseases, and once these become established they can spread with amazing speed.

How can we help?

You will need clean panes of glass to provide better conditions for spring plants, as they will need full access to sunlight and any broken panes will need repairing. Under the Alitex professional cleaning service up to ten sheets of glass (safety glass excluded) can be replaced without additional costs.

As part of your agreement which you make with Paul, all gutters and valleys will be cleaned out and downpipes checked for blockages and the internal reservoir emptied out and cleaned. The simplest things can cause the most damage! The underside of benches and floors will be disinfected and heating duct grids lifted and the heating duct will be thoroughly cleaned out. All moving parts will be checked and lubricated; this applies to the vent torque tube supports, auto vent mechanism, auto vent opener pivots and adjusters and door hinges and locks (plus the rack and pinion vent opening mechanism).

Your shades will be cleaned in situ and re-tensioned where necessary with any damaged shade cords replaced (again, where necessary). If required, shades will be taken down and cleaned.

Note: Shades will not be restored to their original condition, as algae staining cannot be completely removed.

We have been making greenhouses for a long time – since 1952, so we are old hands at getting the most from your greenhouse, and how that is best done at this time of year. Our "before and after", images give you some indication of the kinds of transformation you can expect.

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