A Gable End Conservatory Case Study: 2011

Mrs Orsaria came straight to Alitex for her conservatory. In her opinion there really wasn’t any other conservatory manufacturing company which could guarantee the high quality finish and durability she was looking for.

In this case, it was very much an example of Alitex brand reliability; the reputation Alitex has earned over half a century of manufacturing beautiful aluminium greenhouses and conservatories informed Mrs Orsaria’s choice. The requirements included adding a living space to improve lifestyle without encroaching onto the treasured garden and plantings.

There were also close neighbours to consider, but they were more than happy with the proposed plans and this was because they trusted in Alitex. By establishing ourselves as trustworthy and reliable manufacturers over many years, we have gained the confidence and trust of our new clients, and we always work very hard not to let that slip!

Mrs Orsaria’s conclusion as she lives happily with her conservatory is that it is all in the detail. From her initial conversations with Alitex, then onwards through our Design Office and eventually onto manufacture and assembly, attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on and it’s rewarding to hear this kind of feedback.

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