Fulham Palace Vinery and Alitex: A Replication Case Study

Alitex Walled Garden

In 2011 Alitex were asked to design a replacement aluminium greenhouse as the wooden one which had stood previously had practically fallen apart.

When creating a design for Fulham Palace’s walled garden, the enormous challenge for Dave Trevena from the Alitex design office was the curve in the wall. From the photos alone it is difficult to appreciate the shape of the wall which swings in an arc around a large grassed area. The aim eventually is to open up the walled garden to the public, and have a productive re-use of the vinery and bothy.

The old wall bulges in sections, adding character to the overall look of the gardens and greenhouse, and hints at the history it has born witness to over the years. On the other side of the wall, small potting sheds are being renovated which will service the gardens. Alitex worked with the largest construction company in the world, Vinci, to complete the project, overcoming a variety of challenges along the way. The greenhouse is a beautiful modern technological feat, with a glass roof sitting snugly up to the wall, layering the glass to create a seamless join and to follow the curve. Eventually vines will be restored to the greenhouse, which will complement the curve of plantings at the front and the wisteria which frames it. 

For the full story we have a short film which tracks the project and all the design challenges that Alitex overcame.

Fulham Palace

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