Flooring choices for your Alitex conservatory

Floor grids

Choosing the flooring of your Alitex conservatory or orangery should not be difficult – simply consider how you intend to use the additional space and ensure that it does not detract from the beauty of the structure.

For very good reasons, Limestone, in all its variations, is a very popular choice with our customers here at Alitex – the practicalities of stone flooring particularly when combined with plants, make it a safe and solid option. We don’t sell flooring nor have tie-ins with anyone who does, therefore our opinions are concerned absolutely with the benefit of the structure and our desire to see you get the most out of your Alitex.

The wider choices of laminate, timber and tiles are all worth looking at – our atrium at Torberry has a quality wood laminate floor which works very well for us as its top thick layer of wood can handle a few sandings and reseals. Essentially consider what kind of wear and tear you will be putting the floor under and make your choices accordingly.

In our new conservatory we have used a travertine flooring which is a kind of limestone, also known as onyx marble or alabaster. Travertine has the same kind of considerations as limestone – it requires a seal and a periodical re-seal to keep it looking its best and to avoid any unsightly markings. You can reflect your choice of flooring in the same material for the sills which looks very effective. The different tonal colours provide a warm feel which suits either a traditional or contemporary design. With the addition of Victorian style floor grating and under floor heating, the balance between style and functionality, a hallmark of Alitex, is achieved.

For more details of the Alitex conservatory, to request a brochure or to arrange a no obligation home visit, please contact us.

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