The Epsom Garden Design Group visits Alitex

Epsom design garden group visit Alitex

Alitex hosted a group of garden designers recently on their own tour and familiarisation visit to our show site here at Torberry, near Petersfield.

It was a beautiful day and the greenhouses, conservatory and atrium looked wonderful, but these designers had come for more than a look at our structures – they wanted to be convinced about recommending Alitex to their clients.

Arriving mid-afternoon our guests were able to see the whole company in full swing. Everything is designed and manufactured on site which allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee to our customers, such is our confidence in the high quality of our workmanship. Our guests were shown around the factory by James Glue who managed to just about make himself heard over the noise of the machines. With everyone kitted out in safety hi-vis gear (plus spectacles), we followed the life of an Alitex greenhouse from concept to reality.

Our design team illustrated the considerations and challenges that are an every day occurrence at Alitex as we strive to find the balance between aesthetics, budget, particular desires of the client, odd shaped walls and of course the potential usage of the structure. Jason stressed how we modify our designs rather than our clients aspirations, although he did say that once the base is in place an element of flexibility is lost.

There is a whole library of solutions at Alitex – the result of designing greenhouses for sixty years and wherever possible we try to utilise previous drawings to help the designer / client envisage what we are suggesting. Our images of finished projects also help in that respect – many of which you can see on our website.

One of our  visitors asked whether we work with one designer/one project - we reassured everyone that as a company, we try to use the best of everyone’s skill sets, bringing them together onto each task and ensuring no experience is lost. However there are “champions”, who undertake specific projects, leading from the front and steering the concept through to manufacturing and production and ultimately into the customer’s garden.

Having had a look at our show structures here at Torberry and met many of the team the designers now have a good idea of who and what we are and we hope to keep in touch. Jane Tocher from Alitex is always interested in meeting garden designers from around the UK - as we all are!

Lisa Cox from commented afterwards:

“Just wanted to thank you again for a very informative afternoon yesterday, we really enjoyed it!

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