An Easter weekend in the greenhouse

Easter eggs in a greenhouse

The Easter weekend is historically laden with dark clouds and heavy rain but if you have a greenhouse, you can take on all the elements. Use the four day break to get the gloves out and prepare your crop for the growing season that awaits.

Although a little on the windy side, April is already seeing a slight rise in temperatures, with this comes the need for  ventilation; aim to keep the temperature inside your greenhouse between 7 – 21°C (45 – 70°F). The roof vents should provide the majority of the ventilation, with the side vents only being used once the outside air is a little warmer.  On sunny days with no clouds, you may well find it necessary to use your shades.  If your greenhouse is not already fitted with shades, do give us a call; our TLC team will be able to advise you on the best location for them, along with the cost.

Your plants will also become thirstier as the weather heats up, check them regularly to see if watering is needed. Plants that are actively growing may well need water several times a week but remember, over-watering can be as much of a hazard as under-watering! Actively growing plants will also need feeding but again you will need to take care - always follow the instructions on the packaging and remember ‘little and often’ is the golden rule; overfeeding can cause distortion, leaf damage and/or root scorch.

April can be rife with pests, continue to keep an eye out particularly for greenfly, whitefly, vine weevil and red spider mite. Slugs are also out in force and they can rapidly destroy a tray-full of carefully nurtured seedlings.

Depending on the plants you are growing, the warmer temperatures may mean that the need to heat the greenhouse is reduced this month. However, do remember that young plant growth is especially susceptible to low temperatures so check that heaters in the greenhouse are working whenever a frost is forecast. 

As well as continuing to sow half-hardy annuals now is a good month to start taking cuttings to increase your plant collection.  If you are growing fruit, hand pollinate at mid-day by transferring pollen using either a soft brush or a ball of cotton wool and repeat over a period of several days to ensure success.

Remember to clean your watering can when using it to water young seedlings, you also need to make sure you use water from the tap as opposed to rainwater; save this for mature plants as young ones can get damaged by bacteria.

If you would like to treat your greenhouse to a spring clean, add some extra benching or discuss a bespoke accessory, call our TLC team on 01730 826 900.

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