Digital Photography Course at Myddelton House Gardens, Enfield 9th May

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After two years of painstaking planning and building, the kitchen gardens at Myddelton House were officially opened last summer, complete with a series of interconnecting Alitex greenhouses. For more information click here.

The glasshouses were designed to replicate the ones previously used by the Bowles family who had lived at Myddelton House. EA Bowles had been a self taught botanist, plant collector and botanical illustrator and the restoration project was true to his ideals, the glass houses incorporating areas in which to grow his plant specimens and collections. 

This year we are delighted to be involved with a digital photography taster session which is being run by an award winning garden photographer who actually works at the gardens themselves – Nicola Browne.

Her technical and crafting skills both with the camera and in the garden are sure to be a winning combination, ensuring an instructive and fun day out. The course, entitled “Gardens Exposed”, will certainly allude to the restoration work which has been such a recent triumph at Myddelton House Gardens. 

Lunch will be served in the main house which is special in that the house is normally closed to the public. After lunch (jacket potato and salad) senior gardener Brian Hewitt will give you a guided tour of the gardens, alerting you to areas of the garden which may make good subjects for your photography. Brian will give an insight into the life and work of EA Bowles from the persepective of his garden - a wonderful delve back into Victorian history. 

In terms of equipment Nicola is happy to offer her expertise to anyone with an iPhone through to the latest SLR models.

Event: Digital Photography Taster Course with Nicola Browne plus a guided tour of the gardens

Venue: Myddelton House Gardens, Bulls Cross, Enfield, Greater London, England, EN2 9HG 

Tickets: £35 to incl lunch. Please contact Alitex to book your place. We anticipate this will be a popular event as it is so unique. T: 01730 826900.

Follow the link here below to learn more.

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