The Design Studio at Alitex

Alitex Greenhouse and Conservatory Design Team

The Design Office at Alitex is a hive of industry on a daily basis. Our team of experienced greenhouse and conservatory designers and engineers use the latest 3D Computer Aided Design software to construct your dream glass structure.

By this stage in the process you will have already met/had contact with your Alitex representative a number of times and your vision will have been discussed, shared and agreed upon. The Design Office (D.O) will realise these plans, providing you with a 3D visualisation of your project before it is made, aiding both the designers and yourself in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It is possible for example with this software to virtually open and close vents to ensure the handle can operate freely! It is all in the detail.

More challenging and complex site problems can be overcome prior to installation and the inconvenience (and costs) of meeting problems for the first time on site. Our in-house engineers have access to computer-aided analysis tools which steer a safe and regulated passage through standards we observe concerning wind and snow loading and the actual materials used. Each design can be fully optimised to minimise the greenhouse frame work and maximise light.

“The greater the amount of air and sunshine admitted into a conservatory or greenhouse, the nearer do we copy Nature as to the conditions under which a plant thrives. Consequently it follows that the construction of a Glasshouse should be a slight as is consistent with strength.” Messenger &Co Ltd 1858.

Having designed your greenhouse Alitex utilise state of the art CAD-CAM (Computer aided design and manufacture) software to seamlessly transfer the computer model data to the CNC machines (computer numerical control) which enable your greenhouse to be precision manufactured on site here at Torberry. This technology enables us to minimise lead times and improve on quality, improves the accuracy and fit of the parts on site and allows us to have confidence in the consistancy of our manufacturing.

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