Customer Care at Alitex. The challenge of exceeding expectation

Jess, Alitex Project Manager, works on customer care

Not sitting on our laurels and focussing on a high level of customer service to complement your purchase from Alitex is always on the mind of all Alitex employees, but for Jessica Sims it is her mission. Speaking to Alitex clients, our designers, manufacturers and assemblers on a daily basis ensures Jess is bang in the centre of projects.

After five years on the front line at Alitex, Jess has managed to organise all her experiences into a system designed to provide a dynamic and reliable series of “points”, which empowers each member of the project team.

Essentially the point system allows management of the communication which surrounds any project. None of us believes this is necessarily rocket science but we all strongly believe in assessing and reviewing what we get right and ensuring that we can roll this out across the entire process. There is simply no room for complacency when dealing with our customers, each greenhouse or conservatory belongs to a client – a human being - who has put their trust in Alitex.

As Jess describes her approach to customer service and care,

“We want to match the tangible high standard of our aluminium and glass products with an equally excellent, clear communication process”.

Learning from mistakes is key, as is applying common sense to situations. I particularly like Jess’s repeated observation that we are dealing with people and their expectations and we want those expectations of Alitex to be high and to live up to them. The pride we all take in our products is unequivocal and we aim to reflect that with our culture of responsibility, care and positive communications. Jess is not changing anything at Alitex, we have always enjoyed “openness”, but what we are doing is paying attention to who we want to be and how we are perceived, both now and for the future. Basic good manners are a good start and understanding our clients’ choice of Alitex as a privilege is something we bear in mind in everything we do; it is the foundation if you will, of our aluminium and glass structure.

Reputation is all in 2012 and at Alitex I hope you can see we very much care about ours, by caring about our customers as much as we care about our product. Most clients will only purchase from us once in their lives as with a lifetime guarantee on the Alitex aluminium structure, they are unlikely to need a replacement. This does not stop us keeping up with our customers, through our newsletters, open days, events and at the RHS Shows of Chelsea and Hampton; it is good to hear about what you are growing under glass and how you use your conservatory.   

This image shows a sharing of ideas at Torberry amongst the whole company - everyone has something to learn from each other and we are all learning all the time. The previous images are of Jess at her desk and outside the National Trust greenhouse at Torberry.

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