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One of the key messages which comes out of any conversation with our conservatories, atriums (or lanterns) and orangeries team is the idea that any structure Alitex are involved with should be “fit for purpose”.

Our dedicated team involves a group of experienced and knowledgeable people, Nick, Mark and Elaine who will guide you through any project which involves bringing light into your home with the use of Alitex aluminium and glass structures

The Victorians built their homes from the outside in; meaning that they decided how they wanted it to look and then worked out how the rooms could fit into the space they had created. The Victorians did have lots of forward thinking, great ideas which still exist today - but this “aesthetic first, function later,”style of building is not as popular now when we have so many other issues to consider. The Alitex Team work on the principle that “we have to be concerned with function and ergonomics”.

Any addition to your home which brings in light should be beautiful in its own right, be sympathetic to its surroundings and suitable for the purpose intended by those who will live in it. These considerations are the same kind of thing which planners want to  hear – they don’t want “blending into what’s gone before”, because that implies blurred lines of structure and therefore integrity. An in-depth understanding of planning issues and considerations are what help our team guide you through your planning application should you need it.

An interesting observation Nick made which I can relate to, is that we talk freely of "Regency houses, Tudor-looking, Renaissance-style"...etc, but are we ever really clear about what we mean? For clarity it is always a good idea to chat with the team about how you imagine your conservatory/atrium to be, and use visual prompts to illustrate. Taking lots of photos of the detail you like can be handy and help guide discussions, especially if your home was built during a certain era. Meeting people from around the United Kingdom, be it at Torberry (our HQ) on an open day or the Chelsea Flower Show, is a great start but then we arrange to visit you in your home finding out the best method of working together.

In recent years, and at the Grand Designs Fair recently, it was all about the bi-fold door – knocking dark end walls down and replacing with glass; but it really isn’t a new design idea. The Victorians popularised greenhouses, conservatories, orangeries and the palm house. Indeed one Alitex project in the West country at the moment is  to compliment an existing palm house with an Alitex structure, plus renovate the original windows which are nearly thirty foot high – which sounds amazing.

In the twenty first century we are still finding ways to match innovation which occurred during the Victorian age. The Alitex employment of aluminium instead of wood, with the added bonus of little maintenance and upkeep in your glass structure, is surely a contender.

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