Expert Conservatory Design

At Alitex, our expert designers use a first-class level of precision and skill to make sure that all our aluminium structures are finished to a high standard, and create a perfect harmony between your home and surroundings. 

We work with very fine tolerances and a high level of accuracy when erecting your aluminium conservatory. To design and achieve the necessary precision of each and every component requires a good deal of time and skill.  Everything has to fit perfectly.

To us, a conservatory design in aluminium, be it a roof light, atrium, orangery or a kitchen extension, means the following:

  1. Our ability to fully understand and realise your needs and provide bespoke designs to complement your home and exceed your expectations
  2. Precise design of every component part for the perfect fit
  3. Structural integrity and performance to meet all the required industry standards
  4. Rigorous testing to ensure high levels of design and manufacture are met.

Intelligent design

Our conservatory designers use the latest 3D design software to construct your conservatory virtually prior to manufacture.

  • This provides a clear overview of your project, highlighting any possible site issues that can be ironed out before delivery
  • We have a 3D visualization of your project before it is made, which aids design and checking
  • It is essential to have a 3D model to link to our CAD-CAM software.

Our engineers have access to computer-aided analysis tools.

  • This allows all our conservatories to be designed in accordance with relevant wind loading, snow loading and materials standards – British Standards and Kitemarks
  • It ensures they are engineered to keep heat loss to a minimum.

Manufacturing Aluminium Conservatories at Alitex
Having designed your conservatory, Alitex utilise state of the art CAD-CAM software to seamlessly transfer the computer model data to the CNC machines.
  • This minimises lead times and improves quality
  • It improves the accuracy and fit of the parts on site
  • It gives us improved consistency of manufacture
  • Minimising the use of paper so it's more environmentally friendly

Just to explain some of our jargon - CAD-CAM means Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture. CNC means Computer Numerical Control.

Precision engineering

We are particularly proud of our factory and are continually improving every aspect of our processes, equipment and training.

Alitex CNC machinery
Our team of skilled craftsmen are at the heart of our ability to build anything from a small rooflight, to some of the largest private greenhouse projects around the world. Our team in the factory are technically minded, possess a keen eye for detail and have a thorough understanding of our materials.

Our paint plant is run by a team who have quality control inbuilt as a daily discipline. Even the slightest blemish will not be tolerated. They consistently achieve a superior quality paint finish, which is polyester powder coated for a long lasting durable finish.

Our commitment to ‘lean manufacturing’ is central to our company ethos. As part of that process, we invested in the finest Emmegi CNC machines for millimetre perfect precision, consistency and efficiency.

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