Atriums, Rooflights and Orangeries

Our experienced design and manufacturing team provide additional expertise and skill in producing aluminium lanterns, roof lights, atriums and orangeries. At Alitex, we will work closely with you to produce an alternative structure more suited to your lifestyle and environment than a traditional conservatory.

Lanterns and Roof Lights

Aluminium roof light on observatory tower
These are a fantastic way of creating more natural light and ventilation in a dull part of your home. Stairways and kitchens are often areas where this feature can really transform your living space.

They are also the terms for the glazed roof used on an orangery style structure. These areas are notoriously hard to get to, so are ideally suited to low maintenance aluminium structures.

What about an Atrium?

Aluminium atrium rooflight
An atrium is an open space or courtyard within a building originally used in Roman architecture, which was generally open to the elements. These days they are increasingly popular as they create spaces filled with light. They also now tend to be glazed, so you can enjoy the link with the outside world without the inclement weather.

So what is an orangery?

Portuguese traders introduced the sweet orange to Europe in the 14th century and the term orangery was translated from a Sanskrit word at about that time.

In order to supply royalty and aristocracy with its highly desirable fruit, orange trees were housed in specially constructed buildings that quickly became known as orangeries. These buildings soon evolved to house the growing collections of tender plants that were fast becoming popular.

Ideally orangeries should be south facing with a series of full-length windows set in a brick-built elevation. The rear north-facing wall should be thick to protect from cold and wind while a glazed roof introduces even more light and ventilation to the space.

We are very happy to guide you through this journey and decide which is the right option for you.

As with any project, we will always start with a site visit to assess your situation and requirements before coming up with the best design solutions. Each design is bespoke and our designers can satisfy the demands of projects in either a traditional or contemporary style.

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