Alitex now own Marston & Langinger, visit to find out more.

Marston & Langinger by Alitex

Originally manufactured in wood, Marston and Langinger, under the watchful eye of Peter Marston, built their reputation for over 40 years creating exquisite garden rooms and conservatories. After some bumps in the road, Alitex acquired the brand in 2015.

The merging of renowned brands Marston and Langinger and Alitex creates a unique opportunity.

The architectural and project management credentials of Marston and Langinger paired with the design and engineering expertise of Alitex is the perfect combination of skills and experience, and we feel strongly that the future of this pairing lies in creating beautiful large bespoke glass buildings.

Starting from 40 square metres we can design and build growing and living spaces in timeless aluminium, utilising single or double glazing in accordance with the proposed purpose of the building.

Together we can push the boundaries of design and engineering and create some of the largest glasshouses, garden rooms or conservatories, all manufactured here in the UK. 


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