Calling all Pinners

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Are you planning a conservatory project, daydreaming of a new greenhouse or simply a creative on the look out for inspiration? If the answer is yes to any of the above, you will love what we have added to our website.

All of our images can now be pinned straight on to your Pinterest board at the click of a button. Simply hover over any of our photos, click the ‘pin it’ icon and select your chosen board.

Most of us have come across Pinterest at some point in our online life; launched in 2010 this social media channel is a baby at 5 years old but is quickly turning into the most powerful network around.

Whether it be a National Trust greenhouse, bespoke conservatory or a beautiful atrium; browse through our collection of images and start creating your very own mood board. To follow us on Pinterest and have a look through our boards, click here.

We hope you are enjoying our new website. We are attending more events than ever before, if you haven’t yet had a look through our events page, click here

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