Brighten up those winter blues with glass

conservatory interior living under glass

Harnessing the free heat that comes from the sun means a brighter outlook for yourself and your energy bills. With careful planning you can achieve the perfect temperature whatever the season.

Advances in glass technology have dramatically improved the performance of double glazing. Thermal efficiency has more than doubled so you can now enjoy larger areas of glass withoutheat loss. We’ve enthusiastically embraced these benefits and adapted our conservatory designs to take full advantage.

Natural heat from the sun is free therefore it makes sense to let in as much of this heat as you can and, once it’s inside, hang on to it. Historically, an autumnal drop in temperature was the signal to abandon your conservatory.

Without getting too technical, the ability of a glazing unit to gain heat is known as the G-value and retaining heat is called the U-value. Letting the heat in through glass is easy, the clever part is retaining it. This is achieved by using an invisible coating which reflects heat back into the room. “Low-emissivity” glass reduces heat loss and enhances the energy efficiency of your home. With ‘low-e’ glass installed (even on brighter winter days when it’s too chilly to open the doors) valuable heat can still get inside helping to keep your conservatory a warm and inviting space.

However, to be ready for periods of prolonged cold or a sudden frost, you’ll need a heating system you can rely on to quickly boost the temperature. Options, like radiators and underfloor heating, need to be carefully thought through and linked with your existing system.

Factors like maintaining an effective air flow and incorporating flexible shading all play a part in determining the design. Since heat rises, roof vents are a ‘must’ and again, technology has risen to the challenge. Vents can be thermostatically controlled so they adjust without you lifting a finger. Rain sensors automatically close the vents in the event of an unexpected shower. Each conservatory is unique and will require a wide range of technical considerations, time spent in the planning stage will ensure you create a room that lives up to your expectations.

Long gloomy winters may make you want to hibernate but, by controlling the conservatory environment you can spend more time enjoying the healthy benefits of natural light year round.

If you would like advice on keeping warm under glass in the winter give the team a call 01730 826900.

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