Reviewing Mark Diacono's New Book: Sour

Review Mark Diacono's new book: Sour

Mark Diacono is an award-winning food writer, grower and photographer, well-known for founding the UK’s first climate change farm: Otter Farm.

We had heard many good things about Mark’s new book ‘sour/ the magical element that will transform your cooking’ – and we have to say, it really does lives up to the hype. At first glance you are greeted by a little insight into Marks personal love for all things sour, followed by the foundations of creating sour ingredients and then you discover recipes that have been cleverly created to result in some incredible dishes.

If you were thinking that this book is like any other recipe book out there, think again. It’s about adjusting your mind set and challenging your senses to incorporate sour into your cooking. Mark quite rightly points out that you may already be using sour elements, whether it’s the slice of lemon in your G&T or the soured cream you dip your nachos in. 

This book takes experimenting with flavours to the next level. With minimal ingredients and an accurate method you can be making your own buttermilk, experimenting with vinegars and fermenting your own fruit and vegetables. Then take these staple sours and use them in the next part of the book; learn to cook and pair these ingredients in your everyday recipes. From salads and mains, to desserts and drinks, Mark has carefully curated a selection of recipes that will enhance the sour element and delight your taste buds.

Whether you are looking to liven up your morning pancakes, explore the world of fermenting or even dip your fingers into some oriental dishes, this book has it all. You can purchase the book here or to win a copy, keep an eye on our Instagram @alitex_!