Alitex Open Day

Gardener's Question Time at Torberry: Horticultural Fun!

As the sun went down on a beautiful spring day, birds chattered their evensong to welcome over forty guests to our show site at Torberry for a horticultural evening of fun. We were delighted to have Marina Christopher from Phoenix Perennials, Tony...More >
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Alitex Conservatory

Let the Sunshine in...

Just a cursory glance online brings up all kinds of positive studies, medical and anecdotal, about the benefits of light for mankind, animals and horticulture. We thrive better on natural light; it is nutritionally good for us, helping our bodies...More >
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Alitex Guest Writer

Marina Copes With the Cold - and spares some tender thoughts for the plants!

To coincide with the coldest fortnight of the winter my central heating packed in and I was left without a way to heat the house. I thought I was a hardy perennial but soon realised what a tender little soul I was as I clothed myself in more and...More >
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Powder coated section of greenhouse about to enter our new oven

Sausages-A-Go-Go. Our New Oven Opens with a Fanfare!

Amazingly it was in 2004 when Jay and Kenny, two guys from our manufacturing team started talking about and along with others, investigated the practicalities of installing a new oven here in the factory at Torberry. As the saying goes, “there are...More >
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Alitex Cleaning Service

Getting your Alitex Greenhouse Spring-Ready

Once the threat of the cold weather has passed it is time to begin creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy plants and their growth. Aside from the obvious spring-cleaning things you can be getting on with, you may need to take a more robust...More >
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