Aluminium Greenhouse and Conservatory

Why do we use Aluminium to build our Greenhouses and Conservatories?

Initially a combination of iron, wood and glass was used by the Victorians in their glass house constructions. Many of them have stood the test of time and can still be seen around parks, hospitals, schools and large private houses up and down the...More >
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Alitex Greenhouse Accessorize

Advice from the benching frontline; when to fit your benching and what choices are there?

Benching or staging needs to be thought about at the same time as you are planning your Alitex greenhouse . Where should the tomatoes grow, where does the sun rise, how to best accommodate your orchid collection are all considerations which effect...More >
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Alitex Conservatory

Gable End Conservatory: Case Study 2

The Fridlington’s knew exactly what they wanted from their conservatory ; light and space. As a beautiful addition to their kitchen space, the Alitex aluminium conservatory replaced a small bay window which looked out over the garden. However the...More >
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Recent greenhouse replacement project in Scotland

Recent greenhouse replacement project in Scotland

Mr and Mrs Macphie and their gardening team have been managing the Glenbervie Estate for over twenty years, making vast changes and overcoming significant challenges – not least of all, the replacement of their dilapidated wooden greenhouse. The...More >
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