Alitex Cleaning

Glasshouse Cleaning at West Dean: Hard but worthwhile labour

Recently you would have found me on my knees cleaning the propagation house at West Dean (or Wet Dean as I’ve rechristened it this year) with Chris the glasshouse gardener. It’s the smallest of our glasshouses , erected by our founder Edward James...More >
Tags: west dean walled gardens, alitex, alitex greenhouses, alitex conservatories, classic victorian greenhouses
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Alitex Conservatory

Planting Schemes for the Conservatory

We often get asked when we are exhibiting at the summer flower shows of Chelsea or Hampton about conservatory planting schemes. We generally take the advice of specialised horticulturalists when dealing with our own conservatory plants here at...More >
Tags: alitex conservatories, alitex greenhouses, planting schemes for the conservatory, alitex, victorian classic greenhouses
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Large scale project, freestanding greenhouse in New Jersey, America

A Unique and Large Scale Greenhouse Project

We have recently had the opportunity to showcase a challenging project: a large scale greenhouse which has been assembled ahead of its departure for upstate New York. We were approached with a brief to create a large scale glasshouse of distinction...More >
Tags: alitex greenhouse, victorian grenhouses, alitex conservatories, aluminium structures
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Alitex National Trust Collection

Visit the National Trust Garden Collection at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The National Trust Garden Collection showcases some of the finest products for your garden and has been inspired by the places which are nurtured and under the wing of The National Trust. At Hampton Court on 3 – 8 th July this year, all the partners...More >
Tags: Hampton court flower show, alitex greenhouses, alitex greenhouse, national trust greenhouse collection.
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Alitex National Trust Collection

WOW...It's a mobile Hidcote greenhouse at the Wellbeing of Women Charity Fundraiser, Basingstoke

Come and join us at the annual Garden and Gift Fair on Thursday May 10th,at Farleigh Wallop in aid of the charity Wellbeing of Women (WOW) dedicated to improving the healthy lives of women and children. The Fair will feature a lecture, entitled “...More >
Tags: alitex greenhouses, national trust greenhouse collection, hidcote greenhouse, Wellbeing of Women Charity
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Alitex at Wisley

Spring time at Wisley: How is the Alitex Alpine Greenhouse faring?

On a beautiful spring day, with the sun overhead and a surprisingly full car park we were able to drop into our greenhouse at Wisley to see what it looked like at the moment and what horticultural wonders are being cultivated. The Wisley Alpine...More >
Tags: alitex greenhouse, alitex, alitex conservatory, RHS Gardens, Alpine House Wisley Gardens, Wisley Gardens
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