Alitex Event

Citrus Plant Talk at Alitex with Amanda Dennis

Amanda Dennis from the Citrus Centre in Pulbrough came along to Alitex recently, sharing her wisdom and knowledge garnered over thirty years of growing citric plants – which include eighteen years of trading. There really isn’t much Amanda doesn’t...More >
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Alitex Greenhouse

A visit to a splendid Multi-zone Alitex Greenhouse

Towards the end of 2012, the Customer Point team from Alitex and two special guests from Harrier Heating went to see an inspiring greenhouse in a village close to our premises at Torberry Farm. After a series of beautiful crisp and frosty mornings,...More >
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Alitex Atrium

The Alitex Torberry Atrium is officially opened

As you can imagine when considering any investment in a new structure at our Torberry show site, there are lots of varying opinions and ideas on how to go about it - our new atrium was no exception. We did however all agree that the space was needed...More >
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Alitex Cleaning and Care

Looking after your Alitex greenhouse

The great thing about moving house is surely the joy of a new garden and the challenges which lay ahead. I speak to a number of Alitex clients who have been able to start afresh, employing new ideas and trying out experimental schemes and they are...More >
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Alitex Walled Garden

The Walled Kitchen Garden Network visits Suffolk

It was a beautiful sunny weekend which has become the habit of this group’s annual weekend meet up. A unique opportunity to visit some of the private Walled Kitchen Gardens of Suffolk could not be passed up by our Sales Directors, Chris Sawyer and...More >
Tags: walled kitchen garden network, alitex, alitex greenhouse, alitex conservatory, Suffolk gardens of beauty
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Alitex Extension

A Modern Family Extension to a Traditional Home

Our clients moved into a traditional home with a garden and wanted to make the most of their new outside space. The house is a statuesque red brick, tall house (c. 1911) which has original features, and when purchased had a very solid rear wall onto...More >
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Alitex Partnership

Kew Gardens School of Horticulture Prizes 2012

As part of the on-going relationship between Alitex and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew , Alitex sponsor one of the final year prizes for students at the School of Horticulture. We are delighted to announce Ben Houston is the 2012 winner of The Alitex...More >
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Alitex Cleaning

Glasshouse Cleaning at West Dean

Recently you would have found me on my knees cleaning the propagation house at West Dean (or Wet Dean as I’ve rechristened it this year) with Chris the glasshouse gardener. It’s the smallest of our glasshouses , erected by our founder Edward James...More >
Tags: west dean walled gardens, alitex, alitex greenhouses, alitex conservatories, classic victorian greenhouses
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