Large freestanding greenhouse

Considerations when siting your greenhouse

For any gardener, a greenhouse is essential and can certainly prove to be a stunning focal point in any garden. We all want not only the best growing conditions for our plants but a place we enjoy working in – even entertaining in. Our customer case...More >
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Design office drawings

The working life of the Alitex Design Apprentice

Four months into a four year apprenticeship, our apprentice Eliott is now a familiar face around our head quarters here at Torberry. He is, both from his own point of view and ours, well settled, enjoying himself and looking forward to projects the...More >
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National Trust freestanding Tatton greenhouse

Tales from a Tatton greenhouse owner

Our client is enjoying the pleasures of gardening since her Alitex greenhouse was completed in early Spring. It was a replacement for an older greenhouse, so the gardening habit was well and truly engrained – it's just that this time around our...More >
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American society of landscape architects

Please come and see us if you are in Boston as we exhibit for the first time at the American Society of Landscape Architects at their Expo this November the 16th and 17th.

American society of landscape architects
Design office team looking at greenhouse design plans

An insight into the Design Office at Alitex

Whenever we have visitors to Torberry, the Alitex head quarters near Petersfield, part of the “tour”, includes a peek into the design office and a chat with the team about the design processes used at Alitex. Recently a professional garden design...More >
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Alitex wooden sign

International Expansion for Alitex Conservatories

Mark Searle has been with Alitex for about four months, working on the conservatory, orangery and atrium side of the business. During those four months he has been driving around the UK visiting on-going projects, meeting customers (potential and...More >
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