Wooden replication in Aluminium lean-to greenhouse

Aluminium Greenhouses versus Wooden Greenhouses

In recent years many notable organisations, including both English Heritage and the National Trust are approving aluminium as a material for glasshouse construction. Leading conservation bodies in the UK have contacted Alitex for solutions to...More >
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Our doors close with a reassuring clunk

Our doors close with a reassuring clunk

First impressions of an Alitex greenhouse are that it is made of solid wood. The satisfying 'clunk' as the door closes simply reinforces that belief. However, being made of aluminium means we can not only faithfully replicate traditional designs, we...More >
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Planning permission blog

Advice: Planning Permission

We understand that building a garden structure can take a lot of planning and design consideration. It can be especially daunting if the prospect of planning permission and building regulations arise. Rules governing outbuildings You will need...More >
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National Trust Ickworth greenhouse launch

The Ickworth Greenhouse- A National Trust Addition

"A Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape" The National Trust Ickworth House , a spectacular estate in a picturesque setting, is the inspiration for our eighth and final addition to our National Trust Greenhouse collection. This...More >
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