Top Five Garden Jobs for January

Frosty Morning at Alitex

New Year's Resolutions - 

We all make them, the elaborate ones, the impossible ones and the same ones you make year after year. This year, instead of making a resolution we know we won't be able to keep, we've decided to start 2017 with 5 tips to get your garden growing.

  1. Planning - This time of year can be quiet and difficult to get outdoors, so it's the perfect opportunity to sit down with a couple of gardening books and magazines for planning the growing season. You're bound to discover new varieties you want to experiment with so make sure you put them in your plan and schedule when you need to sow, pot and tender to them.

  2. Frost - Although it may be freezing outside, your frost-sensitive plants won't need excessive amounts of heat. Try maintaining the greenhouse temperature between 5 - 10 °C or covering these plants with horticultural fleece.

  3. Cleaning - Ensure that your greenhouse is in tip-top condition ready for the main growing season. Check over vents, pumps and greenhouse blinds to establish whether everything is functioning correctly. Book in for our 'Clean & Care' service, it's the ideal way to ensure your greenhouse is fresh and looking its best for spring.

  4. Protection - Keep plants clear of disease by managing the atmosphere in the greenhouse, maintain a dry environment by using the ventilation on dry and sunny days. Water sparingly early in the day and keep it directed to the roots where it is needed.

  5. Sowing - There's not lots to start in January but you can begin to sow early sweet peas and pansies, starting them off gently in the greenhouse. Celeriac and celery can be heated in the propagator whilst herbs and salad leaves can be grown on a bright windowsill for early greens. Bring your compost, for sowing and potting, into the greenhouse several days before you use it, this will prevent the seeds and young plants from being chilled.

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