New Beginnings and My Real Garden Book

My Real Garden

Finding Inspiration 

After the challenges of 2020, it’s a relief to welcome to the new beginnings of this fresh new year, isn’t it? But despite the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges (and for many, personal tragedies), I believe that 2020 has also taught us about our strength, our resilience, tenacity and re-established our relationship with nature.
On 23rd March 2020, I stood in my kitchen as the news announced the beginning of a national lockdown across the UK and shed tears. 
Instinctively, I opened the garden door and stepped out into the unimaginable warmth of this unusual March, and reminded myself just how fortunate I was to have a garden to stay home and stay safe in.
We’d had the builders in for much of the previous year and my garden looked forlorn, neglected, and in need of some love. My garden needed me, and suddenly I needed it. 

I reached for a spade, put my trust in Mother Earth and started to dig out the weeds.Immediately I had a focus, a goal, cloaked in my garden wonderland which carried on growing and evolving all around me when the rest of the world was suddenly put on hold. But, as an extrovert, I needed company, like-minded conversation, a focus and something to make me accountable to keep me going, renovating my spurned garden. I decided to go live on Instagram that lunchtime and after the first real foray into the world of social media broadcasting, I just kept on going. 

Building a community 

Each day at 12:30pm, fellow gardeners came to chat, share, laugh, cry and spur each other on. I had found my tribe in the myrealgarden and all around the globe a community of gardeners came together as we waited for our blooms to open, revelled in our garden birds, bees and other wildlife, for our vegetables to swell. Our gardens made every day less difficult to bear, gave us back some control, the opportunity to nurture and something to look forward to.

My Real Garden Book

As a community, we wondered how this unique, wonderful experience that gave us our sense of wellbeing back to us could perhaps help others to experience the same vitality, determination and joy? A book seemed the obvious choice.
And so, the My Real Garden book was born. A new kind of gardening book and I think the first of its kind. Crowdfunded by people, FOR people. In its pages, people open their garden gates and let others in. People like you who have experienced their gardens helping them physically, and spiritually, to appreciate what they have. A book that celebrates the wonder of the natural world, the intimacy and the joy, the colour, the laughter and the learning that gardens and gardening provide us. 
The first books will be available on March 23rd 2021, a full year after I first went live from my real garden. My co-editor Tamsin Westhorpe and I have pulled together the tips, advice, photographs and stories from a host of gardeners keen to pass their passion on, provide delight and inspire. 
So as we start a new year, remember that if you garden, you really can grow sunshine and hope in a place where the best is always yet to come.
It is a very special kind of magic.    

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