An Interview with ‘Made with Husk’

Made with Husk pots with succulent

We got the opportunity to talk to Joe, MD of Made with Husk, a sustainable pot company creating their pots from agricultural by-products; from bamboo to coffee husks. The family run business has been on a sustainable mission for the last 20 years to make gardening a more eco-friendly sector. Husk hasn’t stopped at pots, they also produce vases, watering cans, hanging pots, and planters. Their products are biodegradable, plastic free, eco-friendly and frost proof. Based in Emsworth, a mere stone’s throw away from our Torberry office, we had Joe over for a cup of tea in the greenhouse to talk about Husk. 

Made With Husk - Interview with Joe

What does Husk do? 

At Husk we are trying to evolve into the green space in gardening. So at the minute we’re focusing on biodegradable, plastic free plant pots, watering cans and hanging baskets. 

How are they made? 

The materials we actually use themselves are agricultural by-products. Different finishes come from different materials, such as the by-product of coffee beans, straw, and bamboo. We then mix that in with a bio-degradable, naturally based resin which has got a nitrogen core to it. So the really cool science-y bit behind our products is that when it bio-degrades it’ll come back up and fertilise the ground. 

Husk pots set of five

How long do they last? 

They’ll last between 3 and 7 years, depending where they are in the environment and how you look after them. At which point all you need to do it crush them up as small as you can, get them buried into the ground or compost and that’s when they’ll start to fertilise the soil. 

How did Husk start?

My father started our family business 20 years ago and having that recycled and eco ethos gave us a great foundation normality around within the eco sector. Now we’re always looking to ask the next question, we don’t stop and think “oh that will be fine” we try and go one step further, and think about packaging tape or materials within a box. Can we make sure that everything’s got an eco-view to it? 

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