Last Minute Gardening Jobs to do Before Cold Frosts

Last Minute Gardening Jobs

It may seem counter - productive doing a spot of gardening when we have already experienced the first few frosts of the year and snow is perhaps just around the corner but becoming prepped for winter can actually be very beneficial. It means that once springtime comes, you can get on with gardening duties rather than trying to undo the damaging effect of winter. With this in mind, here are some last minute gardening jobs to do before winter sets in:

shelter vulnerable plants
Last Minute Gardening Jobs

Harsh weather conditions can damage delicate or vulnerable plants and trees. It's important to start damage prevention as soon as you start to see frost or a dip in temperature. For shrubs and other plants that you can't move, covering the roots in mulch is proven to be an effective method of keeping them safe. For trees, it's most important to cover the trunk. Use a protective cover sheet and wrap it around the roots and trunk, securing as you go. Bubble wrap can also be a great layer of extra insulation. 

re-home some flowers

Some flowers may need temporarily rehoming in a greenhouse or conservatory to save them from spoiling. Flowers, fruits and vegetables can all benefit from being kept in a warm, dry environment. They can last all winter when given the right care and attention. 

Prep your grass

Prepare your grass to be lusciously green by springtime with some fertilizer. Take away all the leaves and debris left over from autumn before applying a generous sprinkling of fertilizer. Additionally, no matter how tempting the frost or snow may look, it's a good idea to avoid walking on the lawn as this could be detrimental to its healthy growth the next year. 

pack away furniture

Packing away furniture is an important step. Even if you have all-weather outdoor furniture or luxury outdoor furniture, it's best to bring it indoors and use it as conservatory furniture or tuck it away in your

Last Minute Gardening Jobs
garden shed. This will help it stay in the very best condition so you can continue to use it for years to come. 

get rid of weeds

Try to dig out as many pernicious perennial weeds as possible. Ensure you're pulling them out with the roots included to prevent them from growing back. Alternatively, if some areas have been overtaken with weeds, then utilise the winter weather by covering them with sheets of black plastic and securing down the corners with bricks. This should kill them by the time spring comes around!

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