It's time to book a greenhouse Clean and Care

Greenhouse Clean & Care

The most important greenhouse maintenance task is keeping it clean and tidy. It should be cleaned at least once a year to prepare for the growing season. Autumn is the ideal time to schedule in next year's spring Clean and Care, before we get fully booked. You will then be able to plan the growing season around your clean.

Why get your greenhouse cleaned?

  • To remove algae, moss, bugs and possible disease
  • To maintain a healthy growing environment
  • To keep it looking its best

What does an Alitex 'Clean and Care' entail?

  • The outside will be sprayed, washed and scrubbed and all clean off with a hot jet wash
  • If you have shade cloths, both sides will be washed and scrubbed
  • A final rinse on the outside will reduce water marks
  • The inside will follow the same treatment along with hoovering out heat ducts, walls and windowsills. The benching and shelving will be wiped down and sprayed with disinfectant
  • Finally a thorough check will be carried out to ensure the doors, hinges, vents and lever arms are in good working condition

For full details, please see our aftercare section here

To get a quote or to book your clean and care please contact Paul Hewitt on 01730 826900, or email

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