How to Make the Most of Your Greenhouse

Lime Wood Greenhouse Layout

Lime Wood Greenhouse
Your greenhouse provides a unique experience which you can tailor to your growing requirements. At Lime Wood Hotel the gardeners have slowly adapted and transformed the traditional uses of their Alitex structure with bespoke accessories and innovative ideas.

3 Top tips to Creatively utilise your growing environment

Cold Frames

Traditionally used for hardening-off crops and overwintering, cold frames provide an externally fixed, protective space that can shelter seedlings and plants from extreme weather conditions. Lime Wood have decided to use their cold frames as extra bed space, perfect whilst the greenhouse is filled with summer vegetation. In the winter, these outside spaces are perfect for growing radishes.

extended eaves height

Lime Wood Greenhouse
An extended eaves height is great for those who tend to grow lots of vertically climbing plants. In the right and left wings of the Lime Wood greenhouse, the gardeners have planted a variety of climbing tomatoes. Placed along the back of the raised beds, this planting method not only provides an attractive display of fruits as they begin to ripen, but allows more space in the beds for other plants. Contrasting with the red and green tones of the tomatoes, the benches are abundant with herbs, salad leaves and vibrant purple Orach, which is a member of the spinach family. 

Additional benching

Lime Wood Greenhouse

Upon entering the Lime Wood greenhouse, the thoughtful layout gives a welcoming reception. Inside the central lobby you are received by a vast Olive tree. Surrounded by a wooden bench the tree is encapsulated and framed. Functioning as more growing space, the bench tops can also be used as a place in which guests can dine or be entertained. What better way to enjoy an aperitif or conversation then surrounded by all this beautiful nature?

For more greenhouse inspiration read the Lime Wood case study here. 

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