Five things we love this autumn


This Autumn...

1. ...we love the beautiful nerines and their ornate, long-lasting autumn blooms.

Tip: Choose a Nerine Sarniensis for frost-free greenhouse or conservatories. They grow best when planted spaciously in containers with a multipurpose compost and a gritty sand mixture.

2. ...conkers are making us smile. The history and reminder of childhood memories playing 'conkers'.

Tip: "...a great conker is one that has been stored in a dry place for at least a year. This matures it and makes it rock hard and therefore formidable..." - Roald Dahl

3. ...we're taking extra time to admire the refreshing sun light and the colours of the trees.

Tip: It's all about mindfulness, set aside some time to take a walk and observe the present moment, let your judgements roll by and be kind to your wandering mind.

4. ...we're practising the art of 'Fika'.

Tip: This Swedish word is hard to translate literally, but it essentially means 'to meet up, have a coffee break and a chit-chat' - it can often last for several hours.

5. ...baking is an essential part of our weekend routine.

Tip: Take a peek at our Roasted Fig and Almond Frangipane recipe or try your hand at making a big batch of our Pumpkin Soup.

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