Eat Plant Love

Eat, Plant, Love

We are always told ways in which to combat stress and focus on our personal wellbeing - instead of using the conventional routes of relaxation such as meditation and yoga, why not pick up your trowel and gloves and get out in the garden?

Gardening as an activity is a rewarding and creative hobby to get involved in. Remaining physically active is also key, so channel that energy into creating a spectacular garden that you will grow to love. 

Be imaginative with your planting
Eat, Plant, Love

Start the process off by engaging your creative side and planning your planting for the garden. Create some form of structure by including borders with shrubbery or foliage that will last for more than one season. Purchase non-deciduous trees or evergreens and include shrubs that add a pop of colour such as Hebe 'Red Edge'. Not only do these types of plants give you a sense of privacy in your garden, they are wonderful at offering the opportunity to include different heights and a main focus to then begin some detailed planting around. 

plants for health

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is essential and can become a perfect opportunity to add even more variety into your garden. Bring organic crops and more importantly, colour, with seasonal favourites. February is a great month to reap the benefits of winter sowing. If you plan ahead and plant in autumn, this month will have your vegetable patches bursting with delicious ingredients to create hearting soups. Carrots, Savoy Cabbage, Cauliflowers and Kale are just a few of the wonderful crops to include in your garden. 

encourage wildlife

Encouraging wildlife into your garden doesn't necessarily mean a bird bath and a feeder - With particular plants and gardening methods you can see an increase in wildlife. Continue the theme of plot to plate with herbs. Herbs are a perfect addition, and multi- beneficial with their beautiful scent whilst also appealing to insects such as, flying moths and hoverflies. Some popular types include Mint, Rosemary and Fennel. 

Eat, Plant, Love

This is essential for fast and effective recycling, producing key nutrients for soil. Compositing is free, can make excellent mulch and a dark retreat for creatures like the slug-loving slow worm. Similarly, keeping a pile of decaying shaded wood in your garden will provide a hibernation site for wildlife. Large, unstained and unpainted logs make quite a statement when strategically placed in your garden. 

These are just a few ideas to inspire you into getting outside and taking on a gardening project. Whether it's the creativity in planning your garden landscape, the benefits of healthy eating from growing your own edible crops, or making your garden a haven for all things wild and wonderful. It is no wonder that people are turning to gardening to reduce stress. What are you waiting for? Get inspired and request a brochure today and enjoy growing all year-round. 



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