A Day In the Life of an Apprentice at Alitex

A Day in the Life of an Apprentice at Alitex

Hannah, who is currently studying an Engineering Apprenticeship with Alitex, discusses what she enjoys most about the course and how Alitex have helped her acheive her qualification. 

1. What is your apprenticeship in and how long have you been studying for?

I started my apprenticeship with Alitex two and half years ago and am specialising in engineering.

 2. What appealed to you about doing your apprenticeship with Alitex?

I have always been interested in architecture and design, it’s something I enjoy learning about and being a part of Alitex means that I get to explore the process of making bespoke traditional greenhouses, which is quite a unique business to be involved with. 

3. What do you enjoy most about your specific course?

I am currently evaluating and creating processes for my colleagues and new employees to follow. These Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) ensure that the process of their work is the most time efficient 

4. Can you describe how your Alitex journey began and where you are/what department you are in now? 

When I first started at Alitex, I began in manufacturing and had a week induction. Once I knew a bit more about the product and how it was made, I started on the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. I learned how the machine operated and how each part was used to control a range of tools. 
With this knowledge, I was then put to work on the assembly line where I learned how to build cold frames. These external planters sit outside of our greenhouses and help maximise growing space. Whilst learning, I updated the SOP’s to improve the process for making them. 
In my two and half years at Alitex I have gained extensive knowledge in the engineering process that goes into our structures. I have experienced each department of the manufacturing process and have updated the SOP’s for each of them. At the moment, I am currently based in the production office, evaluating  risk assessments and updating the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) folders. 
Whilst working, I also attend college and have to fulfil coursework requirements to achieve my apprenticeship. I look forward to learning more and working in an engineering environment with Alitex.
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