Hampton Court Chewton Glen

Hampton Court Flower Show with Chewton Glen

At Chewton Glen , I have been involved in many high profile events and projects; these moments are what I love most about working for such a prestigious hotel. However, when I was asked by Alitex to be a part of their stand at Hampton Court Flower...More >
Tags: chewton glen, kitchen garden, hampton court, darren venables, Photography Credit Adam Lynk
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National Trust Ickworth

Out with the Box and in with the Stumps

Now I've got the cheesy title out the way I can tell you a little more about our main focus and what has been for the last three years in the gardens at Ickworth . Dealing with Box Blight hasn't been an easy challenge, and since our major outbreak...More >
Tags: National Trust Ickworth, Dealing with Box Blight
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Julie King Peonies and Posies greenhouse blog

April in the greenhouse | Peonies & Posies

Prompted by an article she wrote for The Simple Things magazine, Peonies & Posies blogger, Julie has started up her monthly review of what's growing in her greenhouse. "Standing inside my greenhouse on a very wet Saturday afternoon I raised my...More >
Tags: Peonies and Posies, greenhouse review, April in the greenhouse, greenhouse blog, spring greenhouse growing
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Five ways to improve your soil

Five ways to improve your soil

Maintaining your garden is a year round job, as any gardener knows. With the changing of the seasons come new responsibilities. Spring is a time of year that "green fingers" love most, where they can finally start planning for the months in which...More >
Tags: Improving soil, testing soil, chalky soil, sandy soil, clay soil, problem soil, soil solutions, langlea garden design
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Tulips by The Land Gardeners


No other flower has seduced man to such an extent than the exotic enchantment of the tulip. Its journey has been a romantic one. From the inhospitable mountains of central Asia this tiny bulb was carried along the trade routes into Turkey to become...More >
Tags: tulips, The Land Gardeners, Planting, garden, November, Winter
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The Pig Hotel in the Forest, greenhouse

Five things to grow in the greenhouse this winter by The Pig's Head Gardener, Ryan Mills

As many of you know we have worked with THE PIG on numerous occasions, building greenhouses for their kitchen gardens and collaborating during events. We always keep in touch with the team at THE PIG as they share their innovative growing ideas, new...More >
Tags: greenhouse, garden, the pig, Winter Growing, Five things to grow in the greenhouse
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