Drawings from our design office

Better Business by Design

Using design as the tool to differentiate your business. South East Design Forum (Sedf) and the Design Council arranged an exhibition of design-led businesses recently at Bedales School. The theme of the exhibition was to demonstrate how design adds...More >
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Aluminium Greenhouse and Conservatory

Why do we use Aluminium to build our Greenhouses and Conservatories?

Initially a combination of iron, wood and glass was used by the Victorians in their glass house constructions. Many of them have stood the test of time and can still be seen around parks, hospitals, schools and large private houses up and down the...More >
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Tour of our paint plant in our factory on an open day at Alitex

Investment in Manufacturing at Alitex

To reflect the windy storms sweeping the UK at the moment, the factory here is in a storm of activity right now and has been for a week or so. It's all hands on deck as the workforce finally move enormous and complex paint machines into larger...More >
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