Caring for your Roses

Caring for your Roses

I think its fair to say that there's a rose out there for everyone, from the classic perfectly formed buds to the fragrant and blousy petals. With so many different varieties and colours, rose care can be daunting for some, but in reality it is much easier than you think. Rose bushes in particular are tough and resilient and above all look beautiful once established. We have put together some guidance for choosing the right roses to grow for your garden and how to care for them.

what type of roses should i grow?

With over 150 species to choose from, there is a rose for every garden. Some of our favourites include:

Shrub Roses - Fill large borders with a shrub rose, they flower generously from summer to autumn and are ideal for filling space. Shrub roses are tough and reliable, they bring colour to your garden when most other shrubs have ceased to flower.

Patio Rose - Somewhere between a miniature and a floribunda in nature, these roses are the perfect addition to your patio as they are hardy and repeat well the next season. We like the variety Wildfire with its brilliant orange, flame-like compact petals.

Climbers - These romantic types are the variety you see trailing up pergolas and can be trained along fences. Elegant yet stately in their appearance. This variety work well at providing extra privacy to one's garden. If you want to add a cascade of floral elegance to your trellis then try the vigorous climber, Cecile Brunner. 

Where to buy roses

David Austin is renowned for breeding roses, each variety he has developed celebrate beautiful blooms accompanied by a wonderful fragrance. If you're looking for the perfect rose, you will find it at David Austin Roses. 

Where to site your roses

Firstly, roses need around 8 hours of sunshine a day but if you're growing in hotter climates the plants need to be protected and shaded from the hot afternoon sun.

Secondly, roses thrive in soil that drains well. If you have particularly sandy soil add compost to retain moisture. However, if you have a particularly heavy soil that is very clay-like add compost, moss or any other organic matter to improve drainage.


Pruning and caring for your roses is almost a year round task. In spring you should have got most of your pruning out of the way early on, once the last frosts have come and gone. However, the roses will let you know when they're ready for a trim - their buds will be showing. Follow these six simple rules when pruning:

1. Remove all remaining leaves so you can see the roses 'frame'

2. Cut out dead wood

3. Remove any thing and weak stems

4. Prune back any remaining canes (above the outward facing bud, small bump where a leaf would be the stem)

5. Ensure you get rid of any cuttings around your roses to reduce chances of lurking disease

6. Feed them with a proper fertiliser 

In the summer, make sure you are regularly deadheading as this will promote new buds to form and provide you with more flowers.

In autumn, you will need to trim again to ensure that the longer stems aren't damaged by higher winds and top-heavy plants should be sparingly trimmed down. 

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