A busy year for Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

Spring sees Arundel Castle off to a busy start with their Tulip Festival beginning in April, their first Garden Fair on Sunday 29th April, the annual Allium Extravaganza in May, all followed by the glasshouse replacement project in June.

The Glasshouse Replacement

Head gardener Martin at Arundel

In summer this year, Arundel Castle will be replacing their 20-year-old rotten greenhouse with an aluminium replica. The greenhouse measures 19 metres in length by 3.7 metres in width. Throughout the year, it hosts a number of tropical plants such as Papaya, Passion Fruit, Bananas, Coffee plants and an impressive Hot Chilli Collection. Arundel have chosen Alitex to replace the wooden greenhouse, working hard to create a design that uses aluminium technology whilst remaining authentic to match the original Victorian Vine House, which remains only a few feet away. Clarke and Hope built the Victorian Vine House in 1850; it is home to grape vines, fan-trained Chinese flat peaches and other exotic fruits and vegetables, including unusual tomato varieties during the summer months.

The gardens are spectacular, set over 40 acres of land and managed with an organic eco-friendly ethos to encourage wild flowers, beneficial insects and wildlife. The walled gardens are inspirational, including the Collector Earl's Garden, cut flower garden, organic kitchen garden and a beautifully unique Stumpery. As you enter the Stumpery through the living willow arch, you can admire the numerous cowslips, foxgloves, ferns, hellebores, euphoria, primroses and native bluebells. The Stumpery impresses everyone, with its upturned oak and yew stumps, a highly artistic horticultural concept by visionary Head Gardener Martin Duncan.

Tulip Festival

During April, Arundel Castle will be hosting their annual Tulip Festival. In preparation for this year's event, the garden team have overseen and carried out the planting of 60,000 bulbs. This year's festival takes place during April and May, and is the ideal place for tulip enthusiasts. A wide range of tulip varieties will be in flower, creating one of the country's most impressive tulip displays.

Pink Impression Tulips by the Water Rill at Arundel Castle Gardens
Arundel Castle's Garden Fair

This year introduces the first ever Arundel Castle Garden Fair, on Sunday 29ths April. It will be a beautiful spring event, midway through the Tulip Festival. The Garden Fair promises plant stalls and professional gardening advice. We will be there with our mobile greenhouse, filled with inspiring plants and greenhouse inspiration. There will also be a Q&A with one of the Castle's senior garden members, where you can ask your own plant questions and gather insight into maintaining such a spectacular space.

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